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Philips 388 Analogue Pocket Memo Rechargeable Ref LFH0388-00 Pack of 1 Philips Analogue Pocket Memos® has a single-handed operation with four position switch. Voice-activated feature and visual indicator/LED, record and battery status, audible end of tape and no cassette warning. Record protection, audible scan, volume control. Automatic gain control and turbo drive me...
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Inc Vat £364.98
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Philips Transcription Kit of Machine 155 Power Supply 234 Headset and 210 Foot Control Ref LFH720T Pack of 1 Housed in a metal body Philips 720T transcription kit featuring cassette based transcription machine featuring auto rewind, LCD tape counter, turbo wind, search, forward and skip functions. Kit includes power supply, foot control and deluxe headset.
(57.01% discount)
Inc Vat £1,068.94
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Olympus AS2400 Digital Transcription Kit RS-28 Footswitch E-102 Headset and DSS Software Ref N2275726 Pack of 1 The basic transcription kit AS-2400 guarantees a convenient transcription of audio files. The included 3 button USB foot pedal allows the user to control the DSS Player Standard software with his foot to have the hands free for fast typewriting. The lightweight (28g) E-102 stereo under the chin head...
(20.9% discount)
Inc Vat £146.46
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Olympus Digital Dictation Machine WS852 4GB Ref V415121SE000 Pack of 1 The low-noise directional stereo microphones with a 90° layout deliver a superb stereo feel – enabling you to feel even the smallest details of the meeting. Regardless of where the person speaking is located or the direction of speech, you can clearly capture the information.
(7.25% discount)
Inc Vat £70.44
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Olympus Dictation Machine WS853 8GB Ref V415131BE000 Pack of 1 With high-performance stereo recording and smart functionality, the new WS-853 digital voice recorder is sure to become your ultimate business partner. Particularly the Noise Cancel function is ideal for crisper, clearer playback quality with any audio recording in any situation. Voice-activated rec...
(7.24% discount)
Inc Vat £80.51
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Olympus DM-720 Meet & Record Kit Large Rechargeable Built In USB Ref V414111SE020 Pack of 1 Elegant silver design, an easy-to-use interface and perfect sound quality thanks to the TRESMIC system makes the DM-720 your perfect companion to support your business needs.
(8.47% discount)
Inc Vat £391.94
Item is not in stock
Olympus DM-720 Meet & Record Kit small USB Rechargeable 52 Hour Battery Expandable Ref V414111SE030 Pack of 1 The new DM?720 is the perfect product for you when looking for an entry level business voice recorder to support you and your business. Elegant silver metal design meets high quality features like the TRESMIC System by Olympus. Thus you will find a clever device with top sound quality. The usability...
(4.16% discount)
Inc Vat £303.38
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Olympus Digital Dictation Machine VN741 4GB Ref V415111BE000 Pack of 1 An excellent entry-level mono digital voice recorder with USB connection via cable and 4GB built-in memory.
Inc Vat £61.09
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Olympus DM-901 Conference Kit with Digital V-Recorder Microphones Remote Control Silver Ref V407141BE020 Pack of 1 The impressive DM-901 boasts enough functions and features to make it an indispensable business tool. Equipped with Wi?Fi for the first time, it enables to record in a whole new level. While smartphone compatibility allows to remote control your recorder from a distance to achieve clearer recordings...
(29.29% discount)
Inc Vat £353.57
Item is not in stock
Philips DPM 6700 Starter Kit Ref DPM6700/03 Pack of 1 The PocketMemo voice recorder takes dictation to a new level. Two microphones deliver superior audio quality for your dictations. Its robust yet lightweight stainless steel design offers perfect ergonomics for working over longer periods of time. Power saving features and a high capacity Li-ion batt...
(7.99% discount)
Inc Vat £542.77
Item is in stock
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