Branded Product Destruction [Per Sack]
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Branded Product Destruction [Per Sack]
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Uniforms are examples of items from your business that can be of great value to others. If these items were to fall into the wrong hands, they may be used to falsify information, commit fraud, or in order to misrepresent the business.

Product destruction is vital to protect your brand, protect consumers and protect your bottom line.

There can also be a real danger of counterfeit goods coming into the market which can damage your brand. It takes a lot of hard work and investment to build a good brand. Passing off is a real danger in the commercial world where redundant or fake items could fall into the wrong hands.

Protect your brand identity and site security by ensuring that all official branded clothing & uniforms are destroyed in a highly secure environment, when they're no longer required. Your company's integrity, reputation and prosperity may depend on the secure destruction of such items.

We can destroy your branded products on-site or off-site (this is an offsite service)

We issue you with a Certificate of Destruction

We recycle all materials where possible

We give you a full audit trail

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