Desktop Acrylic Screen Topper 800mm Wide with Brackets
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Desktop Acrylic Screen Topper 800mm Wide with Brackets
Product Code: SE800-CA
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Acrylic screen toppers have been designed as an add-on to existing fabric or aluminium frame desktop screens to quickly, easily and at minimal cost convert your existing screen into a barrier screen. The use of transparent and clear materials such as acrylic not only allows light to pass through the office but work colleagues can also see each other, plus the additional 300mm of increased height is a solution to help keep employees safe & improve wellbeing. Add-on top of existing screens with universal brackets supplied. Suitable for use with all screen widths 15-40mm wide. Provide cough and sneeze barriers between employees. 5mm thick acrylic topper to still allow visibility between colleagues. Negates the need to re-configure existing workspaces.
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